Quality Control System Tags

Unisto designs and manufactures Sealing Tags to assist with the management of Outsourced Manufacture Quality Assurance Systems.

Our Large Oval Ticket Seals are our most popular Quality Control (QC) Tags. Available in a variety of colours with either aluminium or plastic bodies and fitted with white cardboard write-on inserts. These discs can be printed with logo or formatted to suit your control system.

Formatting larger amounts of information best suits our Prestige Seal and Swing Ticket combination as used by several of the UK's largest retailers. Our swing tickets are printed on tear resistant material for durability and security.

  • Retail clothing tickets and labels
  • Approved sample seals
  • Quality control tags
  • Retail
  • Manufacturing QC System
  • Various
Sealing Applications
  • Self securing secure clip to close.
Product Specification
Security Level 1-5: Indicative
Width: Range of sizes available mm
Height: Range of sizes available mm
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