Wear & Return Fraud

In a grey area between unethical and illegal, wardrobing which is better described as wear and return fraud is growing fast. This is particularly the case in the online sales environment where a retailer seems remote and impersonal to the shopper.

It is in the retailer’s interest to allow valued customers to both freely and comfortably try on their new clothes, accessories and jewellery in the comfort of their own homes before committing to purchase. It is a fine line to satisfy this reasonable customer need and allow the unscrupulous free reign to party in brand new clothing and jewellery only to return it all to the retailer the following morning because it's the wrong shade, uncomfortable to wear or the wrong size.
At Unisto we have been putting our years of experience in both security and point of sale brand identification to provide online fashion and jewellery retailers with solutions to this thorny problem!

We have a variety of products that can help and we can also develop your ideas to make your anti-wardrobing protection consumer friendly too.
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